Athletes Should Be Tested for Drugs

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“Athletes should be Tested for Drugs” DeVry University Summary/Reaction In the article titled “Athletes should be Tested for Drugs,” authors Lee, Deborah, Griswold and Ann. They argue that bans on use of illegal drugs in sports need to be enforced. The authors claims that the use of illegal drugs, in sports should not be justified and try to keeping the integrity of sports. People pay to view the games, but never would justify allowing athletes to break rules in obvious ways. Such as steroids, that improves athlete’s performance increasing 40 percent the chances of winning each games. In fact, medical arguments against of using enhancing drugs because it can cause major health risk to the human body and increase behaviors. Every competitive sport has rules to be follow. They created to ensure a fair game and an even playing field for all competitors. An anti-doping program in the U.S tries to prevent sport athlete from cheating; unfortunately, became less strict often blocked by unions and contracts. The athletic drug testing is simple and straightforward, but another way is “mandate” force the athlete to agree to participate and have to obey the rules of the sport. In today world there, a great challenge determining to detect enhancing drugs because continually new chemicals make it nearly detectable. For example, “gene doping” a newly created enhance drugs that athletes can inject making them build muscle, which essentially be non-detectable. That a person born to be bodybuilders from the moment they start. To conclude athletes continue without a care risking theirs repetition of people view them to be. Theirs goal is winning no matter what even if cheating get them there. After, reading the “Athletes should be Tested for Drugs,” by Lee, Deborah, Griswold and Ann. I believe the authors are right. The use of illegal drugs in sports need to be enforced and

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