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Eric Mandzuk Instant Replay; Does it Have a Place in Baseball? National American University Abstract This research paper is about baseball instant replay. This is a very controversial topic in the baseball world. People are much divided about whether or not instant replay has a place in Major League Baseball. The following paper provides examples from many resources arguing the important role that instant replay could have in professional baseball. Had Major League Baseball adopted instant replay, as the National Football League did, many games, including vital playoff and World Series games could have had very different outcomes. There are countless conflicting ideas concerning instant replay. Many critics argue that instant replay will remove the human element from a classic sport by taking authority away from umpires, and slow an already time consuming sport down even more. The pitcher stops to pick up the chalk bag, dust flies into the air. He steps back on the mound, the crowd is deafening. It is late October in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7 has proven challenging for the veteran pitcher. The air is crisp as the pitcher warms the ball in his glove; the score is tied, with two outs and a runner on second. The batter steps in the box. There is the wind-up, the pitch, and crack!! The batter hits the ball and it sails toward the outfield. It falls between two outfielders who quickly retrieve the ball and throw to home plate. The runner slides as the catcher reaches out and tags home plate just ahead of the runners’ cleats!! “Safe!” yells the umpire. The catcher argues but to no avail. The game is over. There is a very controversial thing happing in baseball today: should Major League Baseball (MLB) use instant replay to review close calls made by umpires? While it would be very unrealistic for instant replay to be used for every pitch,

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