Pros And Cons Of Steroids

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The Pros and Cons of Steroids for Athletes Minhaj Ghayur Writing 102 Dr. Turner May 11, 2010 Abstract Steroids have become a hot topic in the media and sports these days. A lot of athletes are being caught using steroids and jeopardizing their careers. The media and other health related organizations are trying to provide people with a better knowledge of steroids and the risks of taking steroids. Almost everybody knows the benefits of taking steroids, but does not know the overall process that goes with taking steroids and living the life afterwards. This research studies the pros and cons of using steroids. Then, it weighs out the pros and cons and talks about which outweighs the other and why. Finally, this leads to the decision that steroids are way too dangerous and risky for any athlete to even consider about taking them. Money, fame, success, pressure, or just plain stupid: why do athletes take steroids? We have all heard of famous athletes having their career and life jeopardized because of taking steroids. Still, some of them do not stop and others keep on taking them. What is so addicting about steroids that make athletes risk their whole career or life for? It just does not make any sense, does it? To tell the truth, steroids just like pretty much everything else in this world, have pros and cons to it. To some athletes the pros outweigh the cons so they take steroids. For others it is the opposite. I am one of the others, I believe the cons outweigh the pros and athletes should not use steroids. People have heard of steroids and some of them know what they are or have a clue to what they are, but some just have no idea. Anabolic steroids are mainly performance enhancing drugs. They can be used by pretty much anyone who wants to use them to receive their benefits, but they are mainly used by athletes to help them perform

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