John Kanan's Everlasting Injury

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9-14-12 Pages 1-2 Suffering a devastating injury to his knee, John Kanan ’14 is forced to deal with everlasting difficulties that impact his athletic career and everyday life. Still today, Kanan has to push through these troubles to be a game changing player on the soccer field. It was the first game of kanan’s sophomore year soccer season; he was a starter on the team playing right midfield when out of blind sight he collided with an opposing player. “I was running as fast as my body would let me”, said Kanan. “The only thing I was focusing on was winning the ball. The last thing I knew, I was on the ground with excruciating pain in my left knee. I don’t remember much because the pain actually caused my body to shut down right as…show more content…
He was given a temporary cast and crutches to wear for approximately a month. This exceeded the soccer season, as he knew he wasn’t going to recover at a fast rate. In order for this injury to heal, Kanan was told to attend daily physical therapy after removing the cast. “I was very disappointed to hear that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the season, but I was happy to hear my knee would eventually get better,” said Kanan. After about a year, Kanan is back and playing on the Varsity Soccer Team. Not only is he working hard every practice and every game, but he now realizes how lucky he is to have the ability to play once again. “I see john working as hard as he can on the field but I also notice that while he is giving everything he has, he is in a lot of pain,” said Andrew Cornwall ’14. Even Today Kanan is having minor difficulties with his knee, but luckily he was gifted with a successful recovery. “I never realized how fortunate I was to be able to play soccer without having a constant pain in my knee,” said Kanan. “But when I step on that field I recognize what I have and work twice as hard as I use

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