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Marina Marques Professor Winston Face Blindness October 28, 2013 The Man Who Lost His Body Documentary What is exactly sensory neuropathy? Sensory neuropathy was finally named in 1979 when Ian Waterman was diagnosed with this unusual condition. Ian Waterman was only 19 years old when this strange sensory neuropathy attacked his body. The doctors say that when Ian was sick with the gastric flu, the antibodies to the infection attacked his nerves. When Ian went for an observation, Jonathan noticed that Ian was able to feel temperature and pain but he lost all of his touch and sense of movement. Some nerve was attacked but not others and he lost dorsal neuron ganglion cells. (The nervous sensory does not regenerate, reaction to the virus.) It’s very unusual how Ian lost his sensory movements below his neck, there were many procedures done by professionals to determine how Ian lost all of his sensory impulses. Neuropathy prevented Ian seeing where his body was which is a petrifying feeling; literally Ian was “The Man who Lost His Body”. It took a year for Ian to stand up safely and six months to put on his sock, this sensory process was long and tedious. This documentary taught me how we are fortunate to have sensory abilities; most people take it for granted because it’s natural. It was unbelievable how Ian recovered from this illness. The doctors told him that he will be in the wheel chair for the rest of his life but he was determined to regain his strength and movement. How can one attain this disorder? The specialists struggled to find out the cause of this disorder for decades and there is still no answer. In Ian’s case, this disorder was acquired through the gastric flu because the antibodies to the infection attacked his body. His mother was assuming it was because Ian had a busy work schedule, he worked many difficult shifts. Charles who had the

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