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Athletic Training In my field of future expertise I will become an Athletic Trainer, not to be confused with a personal trainer. An Athletic Trainer is a person who is knowledgeable in the field of sports medicine and more specialized injury prevention and rehabilitation along with other experiences. The most important of all is that an Athletic trainer is someone who is a certified specialist, unlike someone who is a physical trainer. Mr. Barefeild, who was published in The Journal of Athletic Training, describes how a trainer operates, as “an Athletic Trainer is quite often an injured athlete’s first and most frequent point of contact with the healthcare system. They see the athlete on almost a daily basis from the time the athlete is first injured until he or she returns to competition-a period that can be the most important dealing with medical testing, surgery, and rehabilitation”(338). The reason I chose to become an A.T. is because when I was growing up I was always around sports and outside activities; I played nearly every sport I could all year around. Typically I stayed at either the local ballpark or school till after sun down every day and then go to school the next day and repeat the process every weekday between 11 until 17 years old. Recently closer to 17 is when I figured out that I wanted to work in the field I am today. I was playing football for a highly accredited high school program with no worries of injuries or anything that would stop me from playing football at the next level until I hurt my knee. I soon learned I injured my knee so bad that the way my body reacted to the surgery, there was a possibility that I might never walk without a limp for the rest of my life. That is when my school’s trainer worked with me five days a week for thirteen months until I was released from not only my physician, but also to actually play competitive

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