Personal Narrative: How Soccer Changed My Life

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Ingenuity for something is what to me, can be considered as precious. Life will have its beautiful moments, and the day anyone is able to find, declare, and embrace a talent, it can change every aspect of their lives but everything seems to happen for the best, right? As I would mature, I'd hear about several people pertaining to one specific talent. I for one was fortunate of being able to find my own talent at about the age of four and from then on I only thought of improving upon it. Soccer fed me knowledge, gave me an aesthetic perspective at everything else around me, and best of all, the ability to love doing something over moderately without getting tired of it. As I've said, I was lucky enough to find my true talent at the age of four but it was never easy growing up. I had a cornucopia of hobbies/talents surrounding me but none could grab my attention like soccer did. I'd be lying if I said soccer is the only thing I could ever love. Sure, drawing seemed to have been taking me places and yes, I was okay at plenty of the other sports but soccer simply became a passion, not just something one would do in order to get rid of their boredom. I knew I could become as good as the…show more content…
It's true, I sometimes wonder how my life would be if I'd never fallen so deep for "the beautiful game." Most likely, I'd be Dead somewhere and I'm not hyperbolizing when I say so either. I'm to the point where even if it didn't, I'd still want soccer to be a part of my life in general but having accomplished this much in such few years Is something I'll cherish. From scoring so many goals In my home township league to top scorer for the 5th best travel team in the state of New Jersey; it can, what to me, be considered the ingenuity I've written about before. When you see your craft reward you for the hard work you put in, it can be one of the best feelings in the

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