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PROFESSION AND CAREER GOALS My chosen profession is an Athletic Director and the goals I would like to achieve is to attain a career where I can express my talent and passion for sport as well as open my mind in ways that I could never do at any other career. I have found that the Sport Management program is a great program and I’m looking forward to use the tools I attained to be able to be successful with my goals I have set for myself. I am highly confident that my experiences and personal traits that are developing over the years will help me achieve my career goals and profession to become an athletic director. I am extremely fascinated with the business side of sports. I believe that my personal traits will play a very important role in achieving my career goals for several reasons; I am a very fast learner, a great communicator, and I’m a peoples’ person. In particular, I would like to become an Athletic Director on an intercollegiate level. I aspire to a career as an athletic director in the sports industry because I enjoy sports, love the whole intercollegiate environment, and having the opportunity to participate in a good sports program, but most importantly the feeling of excitement I get right before a sports competition, is comparable to the feeling I get working behind the scenes preparing for a sporting event. I truly enjoy coordinating the events that lead up to the main event. A further career thought is to own my own business. Businesses that will help assist the less fortunate such as obesity kids. It has always been a dream of mines to be in business for myself and also having something related to kids because I love kids with a passion. My aspiration to pursue a career in sport management it’s motivated by my heart-felt passion to publicly validate the fact that I can enjoy something without the money being the main reason. STEPS

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