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Assignment # 3 A) The target market for the product is men between the ages of 18 to 28. The men they are targeting are the ones who spend time in the gym. Whether it is working out for strength or muscle gains this product can be used for either purpose. N.O.- Xplode is a product that is used as a pre- workout to increase energy and strength. Young men really do appeal to this product because they want to have a great in shaped body. They also used a celebrity endorsement by using Rich Froning 2011-2012 Crossfit Games Champion. I think this was such a good choice for a celebrity endorser because five years ago the Crossfit games did not exist. So, Rich Froning was just like every other guy in the gym just working out for the joy of it. Crossfit is a brand new and up and coming competition. So this product really targets men who want to do this competition as well. The value proposition and/or image in the consumers mind are that this product will help them get in shape. They can get in shape and become an athlete like 2011-2012 Crossfit Champion. This can also give consumers an image that anything is possible if they use this product like Rich Froning does. B)…show more content…
Not just have big muscles but to also be able to do things that require agility as well. The motives in this ad are positive motive. Crossfit is all about challenging yourself, so every time he finished jumping on one tire he adds another to reach a new goal. Consumers who buy these products have positive goals to be in shape. Rich Froning physique is one many men who see this add would want to have. Men who see this ad will have positive goals to get in shape and become an athlete. Also, when you get in

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