Unit 5 – P1 Define Key Terms Associated with a Healthy Lifestyle

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Unit 5 – P1 Define key terms associated with a healthy lifestyle Fitness Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only affect the way you look or feel it affects four key terms, these are your fitness, health, well being, nutrition and lifestyle. If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle your fitness is probably the most important thing to work on. Working on your fitness will ensure your using and working your body to the best of its ability which will benefit you in the long run. To improve your fitness you don’t have to necessary go for two hour runs everyday all you need to do is simply boost your levels of general daily activity, doing this can have a massive improvement on your health and energy. Your fitness is important because it has a major affect on your way of life. If you hardly exercise and hardly participate in daily activity its likely you’ll end up being a lazy person that lacks motivation and eventually ends up being unfit & occasionally getting sick because there immune system is weak because of there lack of fitness. Being fit helps promote a stronger immune system that works in the proper way. This way, the chances of a person getting ill is also get lessened. Also the ability of the body healing itself without medicine is improved. Health If you lead a healthy lifestyle it can have a massive affect on your health. If you’re doing what’s needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as doing daily activites, eating healthier foods and drinking lots of water it can have a very positive affect on your whole body. Doing daily activites can benefit your health by strengthening your bones. If you go on running activites this can and has been proven to fight against the aging process and prevents muscle and bone loss that normally occur with age. Running can also reduce the risk of strokes and breast cancer it also helps to calm down

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