Disgracing Professional Sports Essay

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Ask a fan why they chose a certain team and you are likely to get a long, close to the heart answer. They follow them, cheer for them, and don their jerseys as a respect to their teams. When their team is bad they still love them. Ask them about their favorite athlete and you are likely to get a quick not so close to the heart answer. Most fans enjoy a team more than they do a player. That’s what makes a team sport fun to watch and cheer for. It’s not about the one player but a collection of players doing something together for the same result. So when a player is caught using sports enhancing drugs the fans dislike the player but still root for their team. In the fans eyes, these players tarnish the game. They are branded with the scarlet letter of D for being dumb, doping or druggie. There are many reasons why athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. All athletes have a level of competition in them. They push themselves to every extreme to be the best at what they do. They have to if they want to keep playing. There is a constant pressure that athletes endure with keeping their performances up and competition level at their highest. Since their source of income depends on performance, it is no surprise that players take advantage of the benefits of performance enhancing drugs. (The Sports Industry’s war on Athletes By: Peter S. Finley and Laura L. Finley) There are also younger faster kids moving up the ranks that want to unseat them and take over. It is the circle of life for any athlete. In society today, doping is starting at a very young age. High school students are taking steroids to gain an upper hand on their competition to get the scouts to come look at them and not their rivals. College tuition is very high and for most student athletes the money is hard to come by in these economic times of struggle. These kids want to be bigger, faster and stronger
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