Messi Essay

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Lionel Messi : A Brilliant Soccer Player By: Research Report Outline on the soccer player Lionel Messi. I. Introduction Lionel Messi is the best example of a soccer player that uses his fame to help the poor. II. Early Career. a. Name, Origin of the soccer player and how he became a soccer player. b. How he first began as a soccer player. c. What did he do to become a great soccer player today. III. Achievements a. Ballon d’or, pichici trophy, UEFA best player in Europe… Introduction Have you ever heard of a famous soccer player who always helps the poor? Or a player who won times best player four times in a row? Messi is the best example of a soccer player. Early Career Messi’s full name is Lionel Andre’s Messi. He was born 24 June 1987 in Rosano, Santa fe Argentina. To parents Jorge and Celia.Started playing soccer at the age of five. Achievements Messi is only 27and has an incredible collection of achievements already in his career. And in the Spanish league he is the greatest scorer with 253 goals in 288 appearances. He is 4 times best player in the world and has the most goals in the classic. Personal Opinion In my opinion, Lionel Messi is the best player of all times. Conclusion After seeing all of his achievements, how can you not conclude that he is the best soccer player. I believe that he deserves to be called a celebrity. Bibliography
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