Soccer In Africa

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Bryce Retherford Mrs. Spray Academic English 10 Period 2 22, November 2011 The African Way of Life The main sport in Africa is soccer. Kids in Africa only need a ball to go play soccer; they already have the space and time. If kids in Africa had the same opportunities as Americans, they would be the best soccer team in the world. Americans have public fields and an easier way to make money. If Africans had these benefactors, they could spend more time playing organized soccer and would be twice as good as before. This could be an extremely hard team to beat. Africa has produced some of the best players of all time. Abedi Pele is considerably the best player of all time. He is probably the best player in African history. He invented the bicycle which is when you do a backflip and kick the ball at the height of your jump. He scored 1,281 goals in his career which is a world record. Samuel Eto’o is considered the modern day Pele. He has played on the Cameroon national team since he started his professional career. He has scored a career total of 217 goals. He is a great player, but Pele has him beat by more than 1,000 goals. (10 Best African Soccer Players of All Time) Soccer has been around long enough to have a “history”. Soccer was invented in China in 1004 A.D. During the Han Dynasty, there is evidence that the children dribbled leather balls with their feet in the streets. This could be true because, from the record, the kids were more than likely poor and these leather balls were all they could afford. (soccer-its chinese story and history) Soccer has evolved from its early stages in ancient China. It used to be just a group of people and a ball, now it is a team with goals and rules. When the sport was first invented, they had no referees or rules; they just kicked the ball around for fun to pass the time. The game has

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