Soccer In My Life

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I am a young man running and trying my best to score my goals. Soccer is not just a sport to me, it is now something that I feel that is necessary in my life. I started playing soccer at the age of 7. I did not enjoy playing soccer until I realized it meant something more than just scoring goals, I realized I had a passion for it. I remember the first soccer game I ever played it was during the summer at a soccer complex. That game was the beginning to my success, winning that game has been one of the best feelings in my life I will never forget. That day I knew I had a big dream ahead of me and I knew it was something I needed for the rest of my life. As a kid I really did not have that much talent ,but as I practiced I increased my skills much faster than everyone else. Playing soccer has not only given me a love for the game, it has given me skills that I can use throughout my life. Leadership, teamwork and responsibility are the three most important skills that I learned while growing up in the life of soccer.…show more content…
Soccer has helped me immensely in that area of life. Leadership is not just about being in charge or having power, it is about being a role model. A leader in soccer is somebody who is always positive, encouraging and a finisher. When I play a game I lay my heart out on the field I give it everything I have even during a losing game. In my eyes a good leader should never give up on themselves or the team. A good leader should pick up their teammates heads encourage them to keep trying and to not give up until they hear that whistle blow. Leaders have to be an example to their teammates they should have their heads up too, a leaders head should never hang between their shoulders. Soccer has taught me how to be a positive leader. Being a leader can not only help me in soccer, but it can help me in the real world as
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