Is It Better To Be Underrated By People Than To Be Overrated By Them.

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It is better to be underrated by people than to be overrated by them. What are your thoughts on the statement above? Do you agree or disagree with the writer’s assertion? Compose an essay in which you express your view on this topic. Your essay may support, refute, or qualify the view expressed in the statement. What you write, however, must be relevant to the topic under discussion. Additionally, you must support your viewpoint, indicating your reasoning and providing examples based on your/or experience. To be underrated may sometimes be better and more favorable than being overrated. When one is overrated, people have high expectations. You become obliged to conform to other’s expectations and live up to them. One very good example would be Kaka the renowned Brazilian footballer .Fans literally worship his magical skill s. Kaka started in his first FIFA World Cup finals in 2006 and scored his first and only goal of the tournament in Brazil's 1–0 victory over Croatia in Brazil's opener, for which he was named Man of the Match . People developed blind faith in him; Kaka not living up to their dreamy expectations was unimaginable for them. However, he was unable to keep up the momentum for the remainder of the tournament, as Brazil was eliminated by France in the quarter-finals. The amount of stress he had to endure in struggling to live up to his fans’ expectations was colossal. At the end of the day, he must have been demoralized as he could not present to people what was expected of him. If people are underestimated, then they actually have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you are actuated to prove that the opinions of others are amiss. This can have two different perspectives. If underrated, one is not in limelight, not many people are trying hard to compete with them, desperately trying to bring them down. I faced a similar situation during my O level

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