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Effective Communication Silvia Cortez HCS/350 June 4, 2014 Terrie Rill Effective Communication Effective communication is one of the most important factors in healthcare. There are four main communication styles, however not all of them are effective. There is aggressive, assertive, passive and passive/aggressive. Effective communication is a combination of non-verbal communication, the ability to recognize, understand and control your own emotions and attentive listening. It also helps an individual understand a person or situation and gives us the ability to resolve differences without conflict. Understanding on the receiving end is vital or it’s not considered effective communication. Each of these scenarios displays a…show more content…
Passive communication by definition is not expressing honest feelings thought or beliefs. (, 2014). They often communicate in an apologetic and self-effacing way, allowing others to disregard them and often eventually shoulder the responsibility or end up handling other’s issues. In this scenario this is exactly what Pamela did. She concluded Brigit might not have done the tests accurately because of the previous reading. Instead of addressing this issue she decided to avoid the confrontation and shoulder the responsibility of retesting everyone. In my opinion passive communication, although avoid confrontation is not effective because Brigit is left unaware she completed the tests inaccurately. This is an injustice to her and the students because she will continue to make this mistake unknowingly. The more effective way to handle this in my opinion would be to ask Brigit to demonstrate how to complete the test and show her what she is doing incorrectly. I think Pamela should educate her and they could retest the students together. I understand it can be challenging to use assertive communication because it is a risk. The outcome can be unexpectedly negative. I think this might be why some people communicate passively because they have had a negative experience with this, and maybe it made things negative for them or changed things into a horrible situation. This can easily happen. There is no way to be…show more content…
It displays assertive and aggressive communication. Assertive communication by definition is “when needs or wishes are stated clearly with respect for oneself and the other person in the interaction”. (Salters, 2/19). Assertive communication is the most effective style in my opinion. It allow us to take care of ourselves. Aggressive Communication, “is a style in which individuals express their feelings and opinions in a way that violates the right of others”. (Cuncic, 4/29). In this scenario Rosa used assertive communication with Mabel by explaining that she wanted the staff to work together as a team and being involved in the orthopedic cases was in her job description. Mabel responded with aggressive communication by stating she was the granddaughter of the chairman and she’d “get Rosas’s head on a platter”. In my opinion, Rosa handled Mabel’s insubordination to the best of her ability. She was very professional, assertive and respectful. The way Mabel responded was not only aggressive but threatening, insubordinate, and disrespectful. In my opinion, the only option left is disciplinary action for Mabel. In this particular situation I think it’s a good idea to get Rosa’s manager and other members of the administration involved. Although this option is a risk because of the uncertain outcome it is the only option left because of the dynamics of the

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