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Communication Style Regina Haney, Ann Crane, Farida Biobaku, Kendall Larsen HCS/ 350 July 11, 2011 Randall Webb Communication Style Effective communication in healthcare is essential to deliver good patient care. When delegating tasks to co-workers, one needs to be clear and precise. When people have a full understanding of what their job is, they will perform better and patients will get better outcomes. Without effective communication we are setting up our fellow co-workers for failure and our patients as well. Effective communication is necessary to convey the importance of instructions and task to co-workers so they can fully understand the importance of their task and the steps necessary to manage the task. Effective communication…show more content…
She was concerned about the accuracy of the work due to the way these readings compared to previous readings. Instead of discussing this with Brigite, she decided to do it all herself and retest everyone. The nurse in this scenario becomes part of the problem; obviously she does not trust Brigite’s ability to do the job right. Passiveness, nonassertive, and avoidance is the form of communication the nurse is using in this scenario. The nurse is avoiding asking Brigite about the readings of the vision tests (Hansten, & Jackson, 2009). By re-administering the test, the nurse is lowering her self-esteem, and self-confidence. She will harbor bad feelings and thoughts about the incidence, which can lead to emotional dishonesty to communication with Brigite. Passive behavior is the avoidance of responsibility and loses’ the opportunity to develop skills in managing conflicts and resolving negative issues. The issue of whether the vision tests were accurate will not be solved. The nurse will cause herself to have a greater amount of work coasting the company. The nurse becomes overworked and produces a team that functions poorly. The nurse also may not get her work done on time, which will reflect poorly on the nurse. Briget’s work is done on time and it looks as though she accomplished all that she has been assigned. The nurse will…show more content…
Mabel demonstrated an aggressive communication style. According to Hansten & Jackson (2009), “Aggressive behavior is an encroachment or attack upon another and is almost always hostile in intent. The communication flows from the aggressive person outward” (p. 281). Rosa, a manager and supervisor informed Mabel one of her duty to scrub in for orthopedic cases as instructed. The instruction was within Mabel or any surgical technicians’ job description. Rosa enforces her assertiveness by declaring that she want the staff to work together as a team,. “Assertive communicators are confident and positive and lay claim to their own right to speak up for themselves” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009, p. 282). Assertive communication is the ability to express positive and negative ideas and feelings in an open, honest, and direct way. It recognizes the speaker’s rights while still respecting the rights of others. Mabel complaints that orthopedic cases are physically stressful may have been discussed and addressed if she did not result to aggressiveness. Mabel aggressive communication was an immature and uncalled for behavior. Mabel has to behave in a respectful way to her superior who behaved in an assertive way towards her. As long as the task assigned is within Mabel’s scope, and it is a fair assignment of

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