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In a crowd of 70,000 people cheering for Brock Lesnar, he is the favored fighter. Here comes the music you can feel while sitting in your chair. They announce his name, “Brock Lesnar!” The 1st round bell rings and people are shouting, right away the referee stopped the fight while Brock Lesnar is pounding his fists into his opponent’s face. Brock Lesnar has changed the Ultimate Fighting Championship by showing a new breed of fighter between a mix of speed and large size. Brock Edward Lesnar was born July 12, 1977, in Webster, South Dakota. (Rousseau 1) He weighed nine pounds, nine ounces at birth. He grew up on a dairy farm with his parents, two older brothers, and a younger sister. (Savage 5) The Lesnars had about two hundred cows but always…show more content…
Here he was named a two-time All-American NJCAA wrestler and in his second year he won the championship. While wrestling at Bismarck State he was being watched by the University of Minnesota. They gave him a scholarship as well. (Cohen 2) In his first year he lost the championship match by a 3-2 decision over Stephen Neal. By next season already he was just throwing guys across the mat like rag dolls. Minnesota fans loved him, they held signs up that said “Brockfast of Champions,” it showed his neck and bicep measurements. (Rippel 35) Lesnar’s record was 22-0 when they came to face Iowa, there rival. At this match he lost to Wes Hand, later at the Big Ten Championships he beat Wes Hand. All he said after this match was “A W is a W.” After this he was headed to St.Louis for the NCAA Championships. He wrestled his way to the final match against rival Wes Hand once again. He ended up beating him in double overtime and said that a big weight was lifted off him. (Rippel 60) His record at Minnesota was 55-3. After this he had a few different career choices to pick from. He could go train for the U.S. Olympic wrestling team or play a year of football at Minnesota. Lesnar didn’t pick either of these because there was no money involved. Brock didn’t want to just ‘get by’ anymore. So his career would be pro wrestling in…show more content…
Lesnar trained with his old wrestling coach at Minnesota Marty Morgan and MMA expert Greg Nelson. After a year of training he made his fighting debut against Min Soo Kim and defeated him within a minute and nine seconds in the first round. (Rousseau 3) Brock asked Dana White of the Ultimate Fighting Championship if he could join. White told him that he isn’t some special guy who can do whatever he wants. Lesnar told him that he would put on a show for him and bring good publicity and crowds to the sport. Dana said he would give him a chance and if he didn’t impress him that was the end for his UFC career. His first fight was against Frank Mir. He got off to a good start pounding away at Mir’s body and head with his size 4XL gloves that the UFC specially ordered for him. It was a good start for him until he made a rookie mistake and left his knee wide open for Frank to take advantage and put him in a kneebar and make him submit. Dana White knew that Brock had potential and that he could do well. His next fight was against Randy Couture a well known experienced fighter. Lesnar bloodied him up until the referee stopped the fight. This was a great win under his belt because of the fact that he was the heavyweight champion now. Some fighters felt that he should not have had the chance to fight for the belt but Brock simply said “this is a business I bring publicity so they can get over it.” Then he

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