ow to play soccer??

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Have you ever wondered how to play soccer? I have when I was small. I wondered if I would be good. I also wondered how soccer was played and all the tricks soccer had. I was very excited to play soccer for my first time. Soccer changed my life. When I was small, I asked myself a lot of questions. One of them was “Can I play soccer and be good. One day, it was sunny and the day had a good weather. I ate my breakfast and went outside. I want to the park and saw people playing soccer. I saw it very exciting and then I heard them scream “Goooooal”. After that I was asked if I wanted to play and I answered “Yes”. I told them I did not know how to play and they said it was easy. They told me to kick the ball where the goalie was standing. I started to play and found out it was very exciting. Now I could play in person and not wonder around seeing people play in the television. When I got home I told my dad and he said he knew a little bit about soccer. He showed me many tricks and ways to kick the ball. The next day, I went with my friend to play soccer in the park. I would practice every day and for a long time. I got very good and joined a soccer team in the park. I played forward for the team. We played many games with other team from around the city and I would score a lot of points. When I was a 4th grader, I played very good and knew a lot of tricks and moves. I had learned how to kick the ball and with a lot of power. I also learned how to juke people and take the ball to the across the field and score. When I got to middle school, I joined the soccer team for the school. When I played for the school, we won 9 games and lost 3 games. Our team had very good player that year which is why we had a good record. We were told that the team that year was one of the best teams in years. I am still thankful for the offer the kid asked me in

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