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Soccer Community Even though soccer is just a sport, but it is important for its members lives. Soccer community is like any other communities, it has its own fans, and at the same time it has its own conditions and rules to get into it. Since there are lots of fans for soccer all over the world, we have many soccer communities in my country which is Saudi Arabia. Actually, we can say that there is a soccer community in every neighborhood in my city which means that there is more than a hundred community that cares only about soccer. As soon as I moved to live in the US, I started to look up for a soccer community, and luckily I found a group of people who have already started a soccer community and they were from my country. In my life I have been in many soccer communities, but the one in Orlando was special to me in many ways. First of which is the way I became a member in the soccer community in Orlando. Also, how to be an effective member or in another words an effective player who has his place in the main team. Moreover, I will share some of the important moments I have had with the team, and some of our special language which you will not find anywhere but in a soccer community. My very beginning was when I was walking in the hallway at the school, I found some flyers on the wall about soccer training at 5:00 pm that day. I started to ask about the location and if there is a specific color that I have to wear and so on. I went to the training, but I was 2 minutes, even though it's just 2 minutes I had to do a punishment which was taking a full run around the field twice, couple of pushups, and not playing in the first round. I thought that this punishment is for the new members but I found out that even the ones who have been there for a while got the same punishment as me when they came late. When I finished the first training with the team I went to
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