The Rivalry Of Brazil And

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Two Sport Teams The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina in men’s soccer has been going on for over ninety years. With soccer being the most popular sport in both countries, one match between them often acquires more importance than the championship within which it takes place. The rivalry is so strong that even some friendly matches are marked sometimes by notable and sometimes controversial incidents. Both countries are known to have elite players that they consider the best player of all time. It is very interesting because they are neighboring countries. The fact that both teams were constantly on top of the soccer stage and the constant battles for supremacy in local competition formed what is today an almost century-long rivalry between these two mammoths of soccer. Argentina is considered one of the best men soccer teams of the world so far because it has won two world cups. World Cups are important international tournaments that are held once every four years. It is considered the most important tournament of soccer. Their most remembered player of the 20th century was Diego Maradona who played for Argentina from 1977 to 1997. One of his goals against England from 1986 was considered the goal of the century. Argentina is still seen as the only soccer teams who seem to be able to get the best out of Brazil because they have beaten Brazil equally as Brazil have defeated them. According to Peoples Daily Online Argentina has taken part in thirteen world cups and they have reached to the finals twice. Overall, the team has played sixty games, winning thirty three, drawing eight and losing 19, scoring a total of 102 goals and had seventy one goals scored against them. To many people, Brazil is considered the most powerful soccer team in the world because it has won five world cups. Their most remember player is Pele who played for the national

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