Without Limits Essay

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“Without Limits” Without Limits is a great motivational movie, even if your not a runner. It has an inspiring message that is about life. This film is a great motivational movie for runners and all athletes in general. This Movie suggests giving every thing you have in anything you do. So let me start with what it is about. Lets move on to some of the struggles. Steve Prefontaine is an outstanding runner at a high school level and is unbeaten. The track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, at the University of Oregon works to recruit Steve Prefontaine to run for the Oregon Track and Field team. Steve impresses his coach and his teammates when he gets to college by being the best runner on the team. He was the best runner on his team because he simply refused to lose and would not ever even let someone ahead of him in a race. Doing this made his Bill Bowerman extremely angry. Coach suggested not running in the front the whole time, instead during the race, he would use the other runners as windbreaks. Drafting off of them would cause them to get tired and he could use that as an advantage. This frustrated young Prefontaine, but he tried this approach. It did not work because he did not win the race like he could of. Steve Prefontaine just kept front running and that seemed to work for him very well. Since Steve Prefontaine a.k.a. “Pre”, was so talented, along with this talent came many records. He still holds high school records at the national level. His ways spark acts of leadership to me when it comes to running. I relate to this film when I run because it states guts to run. Steve Prefontaine quotes “I do not run a race to see who is the fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts.” This quote makes me view the act of running way differently. It makes me want to work my hardest each and every day to achieve greatness. I may not achieve the greatness that was
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