'Rumble Fish': A Literary Analysis Of Rusty James

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Hao Cao Period 5 13/4/13 Rumble Fish - Novel Analysis A. Plot Rusty James is the story’s main character. Rusty and Steve meet each other on a beach after several years of not seeing each other. Then there’s a flash back to when they were 14 and the story begins. The conflict I recognize is man vs. man, the struggle taking place because Rusty James wants to be like his brother, he likes to fight with other people. The solution is Rusty-James and Steve is back in the present time again. Neither of them went back to the horrible place where Motorcycle Boy was shot. Steve learned that if you want to get somewhere in life you have to make up your mind and work hard until you make it. Rusty-James still has not decided…show more content…
Rusty-James is 14, and he has already started drinking, smoking, gang-fighting and playing pool for money, however normal this is. He looks skinny with dark red short hair. He always wears jeans and a white tank top with a rag around his forehead. His family has 3 members including him, his dad and his brother, which is the Motorcycle Boy. Rusty James mother leaves him when he was young. He has a few friends in school and at the bar where he plays pool. Rusty James has a girlfriend named Patty but they broke up because she found out Rusty James cheated on her. A significant event that Rusty James experienced is when break up with Patty because he realize how much he love Patty he does not want to lose her. Rusty James’s goal is he wants everyone to respect him and he does not want to be alone. To reach those goal he has to fight everyone who do not like him and hang out with his best friends and his brother. He made a mistake when he cheated on his girlfriend that makes her leave…show more content…
He has the same situation like James, his parents divorced, he like to fight with other people to get their respect, never one to be left alone and he about drop out of high school, but I told him to continue study in high school so he can get a better life. Finally, he made it and his father is very proud of him. Sometimes, in life there will be a person that make you have more motivates. For example, the motorcycle boy is James’s brother and he also is a hero in James’s heart. Motorcycle boy is the one who got James’s back when James in trouble, he helps him out and he is the only one beside with James. The author wants to tell us, never give up on yourself and never fear of your fate; on the world there is someone that can make your life more positive and stronger. Rusty James can desire his own life without the Motorcycle Boy’s help right now, he moved to a town near the beach to live, quitting gang life and using drug. Finally he can live in his new own life without fear of being alone. For me as a reader that I have read the story, I want to be a doctor to help out other people that I love, I promise to myself that I never use drugs and be in gang life. Right now, I plan to pass my high school with my highest GPA that I can make. My biggest achievement is passed all the CAHSEE tests. I do not want to be like James in the past, my future would destroy if I live in gang life like him. When the author is

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