Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Softball

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Throughout my life I have been extremely passionate for the game of softball. I've devoted my life to the thrill of the game and to the essence of teamwork that it involves. Every girl on the teams I have played for have become sisters to me. The sense of camaraderie when playing the sport is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Through the screaming, the chanting, the hooting, and the hollering I have been instilled with a fundamental sense of teamwork that is vital to success in any field that I may pursue in the future. Through softball I have learned to become an effective leader and motivator. Often my team has been faced with signs of defeat and the morale of my fellow players drops from confident to hopeless. Whenever I see a teammate with her head hung low or hear a quiet dug out, I take on the responsibility to turn my team around.…show more content…
Whenever I can’t get my team motivated from inside the dugout, I know that I can get it done on the diamond. I understand the psychology in softball and I know how to get into the mind of the other team. Last year during a big tournament in Arizona, my team was down six to zero with two outs in the second to last inning of the game, and I was up to bat. I knew it was up to me to rally my team against a pitcher that had shut our team down the entire

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