Youth Sports Essay

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Youth Sports Have Become Too Intense Over the past decade, youth sports have increasingly become more intense. It is a very controversial topic in our community today. Scholars are starting to take this topic very seriously. It is not just adults who think that youth sports have become too intense, a lot of kids think so too. Contributing to this pressure and intensity has been the ability to play the same sport year round with the introduction of more travel and AAU programs, the increase in exposure and rewards from success in sports, and the time commitment required at the highest level. All of the intensity and pressure that is put on young athletes can take away the fun and cause many kids to lose interest in the game they once loved to play. Youth sports are now able to be played yearlong. Many kids are forced to play one sport instead of multiple sports for different seasons. There are many physical risks for playing the same sport yearlong. Half of all sports’ injuries among kids each year are caused by overplaying the sport. In baseball, it is now typical for a kid to injure their arm, which could lead too long term affect as they grow in age. They have summer, spring, fall, and even indoor baseball for the winter. For example, an eighteen year old ruptured an elbow ligament while pitching for his high school baseball team, at the time he was playing for three different baseball teams in three different seasons. Playing a year round sport can also lead to kids to dropping the sport. All of these reasons lead to how intense youth sports have become. The rewards and exposure from success in youth sports have increased significantly. Most of this is because of the technology that youths and adults are exposed to including ESPN, YouTube, and an increase in television exposure for youth games. Additionally, the benefits of college scholarships and the huge
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