Ball Park Descriptive Writing

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As I handed my ticket to the middle age man with his recent receding hair line, another man smiled and said “welcome to the ball park” in a ear piercing voice. I proceed onward stumbling through the waves of team accessories realizing that I stuck out like a sore thumb wearing only neutral colors. The aroma of ball park food hit my nostrils like a car crashing in to a wall. The food ranges from hot dogs to cotton candy, Nachos to cola anything you can think of the ball park had it. After nearly drowning in a sea of fans, families and Television workers I finally made it to my seat directly across from third base. “Strike” yelled the umpire as the nervous hitter swung away at the ball . Inning one had begun as I sat and watched the…show more content…
The pitch was thrown another loud smack rang through the stadium , it was a base hit. The crowd went into a uproar chanting and cheering for there team. Hi fives were being slapped all around my head . I was taken in by all the excitement that I hardly even realized that the second inning was over and the third had begun. The temperature began to fall as night approached and since the World Series of Softball was being held in Oklahoma City the winds also began to blow vigorously. As the tempers escalated between the teams. The pitches became more unpredictable , and with one wild pitch a girl was hit in the leg. She limped her way to first base shaking off almost apparent bruise that will be there the next day . The next batter came up next with hopes in hitting her team mate home . The concentration flowed from the pitcher as she threw the balls in one after another, one by one strikes. The batter struck out just like all of the other players leaving a teammate stranded on first base. The 4th inning was filled with mouth watering hot dogs and sighs from the

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