Gisele Bundchen Autobiography

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AUTO-BIOGRAPHY CHILHOOD Gisele Caroline Bündchen I was born on July 20, 1980. Weighing 2.700kg, and I already thought it was about time to start nagging my parents. I did not arrive alone, Pati came along with me to help. Our poor dear folks. Hobby Playing with my sister and the kids of my neighborhood in the doll house or hide and seek in the street was one of my favorite hobbies. In the doll house, we used to pretend we were in class, preparing food and also playing with dolls, of course. As, there were 6 of us, all girls, you can imagine how many dolls we used to have. During my childhood I also used to do ballet and practice gymnastics and athletics. And volleyball. Of course! I have always been obsessive about this sport and I used to call myself “Ana Mozer” (a great Brazilian volleyball player) ADOLESCENCE Contact with the fashion world At the age of fourteen (1994), together with my two sisters and some friends, I took part in a course for models to improve my walking posture, because the ball of debutants (coming of age ball), a tradition in my hometown, would be next year. The course finished with a excursion to Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paul. During the trip, in one of the Sao Paulo malls, the modeling scouts liked me and invited me to come to their model agency. I had lived my whole life and I had never thought of becoming a model. I loved to play volleyball and believe that this could be my future; I was very tall and skinny. The rest of the class went to the amusement park while I, after being promised to go there on some other occasion, went with my Mom, who accompanied us on our trip, to the model agency. After the visit, caving in to the insistence of the agency’s staff who said that I had a profile for the modeling business, I had a book of my pictures made and came back home waiting to see what would happen. FIRST STEPS

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