Observation on a Preschooler

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Observations about Cleo Louise Belle Olivarez-Torres Keiser University Mrs. Steenekamp Observations about Cleo Cleo is a 25 months old Filipino girl. Her family migrated here to the United States two years ago. She lives with both of her parents, grandmother, uncle, and her favorite aunt in a single family home in the Lake Nona area. Cleo’s father is a pilot and works at United Airlines. Cleo’s mother is a nurse and works at Florida Hospital. Cleo’s aunt is a full-time student at Keiser University. Cleo is very smart, cheerful, well-mannered girl. She loves to explore things like climbing stairs and tables. She enjoys playing with her dolls and watching Dora's adventures on television. Cleo has learned to recite her numbers from one through ten by repetition though she won't really understand the concept of counting objects yet, and may skip around in her counting — "One, two, five, six...". Cleo has started to express her likes and dislikes for food and clothing, to understand simple questions and commands, and to identify her body parts. Being the only child, she is the apple of everybody’s eye. One sunny Sunday afternoon, her aunt brought her to a park to play. At the park one can see the green grass blowing gently in the summer breeze, dogs running to catch frisbees and a ball and stopping to drink water from a nearby creek. At the play area, there are ten children already playing. The play area is 50 feet in length and 60 feet in width. In the play area, there are a mini slide, monkey bars, a see-saw, a mini carousel, and a swing. You can see on Cleo’s face how excited she is. Her expressive large eyes are widely open, with radiant smile. Once Cleo is removed from her stroller, she walks to the mini slide trying to figure out how she can climb to the top. Cleo has trouble figuring it out at first; however, she observed other kids and finds the steps

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