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Araceli Perez Aldama “Never give up, you have to keep trying no matter how hard it gets.” Those are a few words commonly used by Araceli Perez Aldama, or as I call her, “Cheli”. Araceli is not famous world wide, but is very popular in our small town of Windsor. Just like everybody else, she had a normal childhood and has a bright future ahead of her. What makes her different is she has a huge passion for dance. Araceli Perez Aldama has always been an outgoing, crazy, and fun girl ever since the day she was born. Cheli was born on the night of December 15, 1992. She was born but not raised in Healdsburg, California. Cheli lived in Healdsburg until she was three years old, then moved to Mexico, and came back to Windsor when she was eight years old. (Aldama) Their mother, Maria Aldama, raised Cheli, along with her two brothers and little sister. Her father, Antonio Perez was not very active in Cheli’s childhood, he came into the picture later on in her life. Cheli is a very loved person, by both her family and friends. Family was and still is very important to her. Having siblings was very easy for Cheli, they all got along and loved each other very much. Ever since Cheli was a little girl, in diapers, she loved to dance. When Cheli entered middle school is when she discovered she was actually really talented. Cheli did not do Bloco when she was in 7th grade, because at the time it wasn’t the “cool thing to do.” Cheli started Windsor Bloco in 2006, when she started 8th grade. Cheli changed a lot in eighth grade, she was getting older, and her attitude was changing. At that point, she didn’t care what other people said, that’s is when she joined Windsor Bloco. (Rodriguez) Cheli really enjoyed Windsor Bloco, she even got all her friends to join too. Of course, Cheli was one of the best dancers there because she had more experience with dancing. Cheli and her group

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