Toddler Observation Essay

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Toddler/preschooler Observation I went to Bennion Learning Center and watched the children play for about five minutes as one little girl stuck out to me. She was about four years old about thirty-nine inches tall and maybe thirty to thirty-five pounds. She is average height and weight next to all the children. She had very good coordination with well learned fine and gross motor skills; including cutting with scissors and drawing with crayons and markers and stacking blocks one on another. Our book says that a 4-year-old child can tell simple stories and can engage in conversation with adults or other children. Cognitive development is defined as thinking, problem solving, concept understanding, and information processing and overall intelligence. As I got to watching her play I acknowledged her ability to interact with kids and how well she problem solved for herself. As the book suggests preschooler’s vocabulary increases hugely by age 4 and their intelligence even more. She was given a puzzle to do while I was there and noticed her ability to problem solve very well. She was above average on intelligence then I had seen in any other child while there. As she played with the puzzle and her doll, no stress was seen that I could tell. She moved the pieces around and if she couldn’t find a place for it she would put it down and go to the next one. She played with a few other girls, she seemed to be a little reserved in her circle of friends but what girls’ not. She was very polite and had good manners. She reminds me a lot of how I was when I was younger. She was a very determined little girl. She was happy and went with the flow a
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