Personal Narrative: Oswego State Women's Volleyball Team

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I am an incoming freshman and also a recruit of Pat Hanlon’s for the 2011-2012 Oswego State Women’s Volleyball team. When making my decision for which college to attend, I was inspired by everything that the team had to offer. The team striked me as so welcoming, they had an enormous amount of chemistry while playing together, and were truly amazing ,enthusiastic individuals. After seeing one game, my decision to attend Suny Oswego was finalized. My mom and I attended a match last fall season and I felt such an amazing vibe from the girls. When walking into the Laker Hall gym this year, the vibe was one hundred percent changed. There should be no blame on the returning players for acting differently with a new coach. Betsy Hayden did not…show more content…
I am a junior here at Oswego and I played volleyball last year for the 2010 season. I think it needs to be brought to the attention how some of us were treated during pre-season this year. Since we were given a new coach this season I went into tryout with an open mind and excited to be given a new opportunity to play volleyball. Since we were unaware that we needed to get physicals on our own, pre-season was moved to Friday. This gave me only 3 days to prove to coach that I deserve a spot on the roster. I was supposed to be judged on my ability to play volleyball and my fitness level. When it came to fitness testing, I placed third in the mile, first in push ups and scored high in my vertical jump, sit ups, plank and shuttle run. Also, my skills were being looked at for only three days. It came to my attention that during tryouts coach did not make an effort to get to know any of the returning players and would make remarks to our past season and coaching techniques. I took offense to the fact that she did not believe that we were good volleyball players because of our 2010 record. Also, a girl who has mono, is allowed to try out this week. One thing that the coach stressed was how she was going to do this fairly and so I don’t believe that that is

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