Interview: Pursuing A Nursing Career

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Interview On Tuesday, September 11, I had the pleasure of interviewing my neighbor. Her name is Galloway and she is 60 years young. Galloway was born in Abilene TX but moved to Houston TX in the seventh grade. She stated that it was “a real eye opener.” Her family later moved into the Spring Branch School District and life got a lot better. When she graduated high school, she automatically knew wanted to pursue a nursing career. While in nursing school, she would work all summer to pay for the first semester and her parents would pay the second semester. After her freshman year, her parents told her that they couldn’t pay for the next year, therefore, she wouldn’t finish her education or would have to go night class and work part time. Thankfully in the spring there was a “tri service” in-service and all the branches in military came. The Navy had the best looking uniform and best looking plan so that’s what she chose. She and a fellow nursing student joined the Navy and they paid for the girls remaining school year in return for three years of service. She described her experience as “marvelous, humbling and the needs of the Navy…show more content…
Galloway decided she needed to start fresh and turn a new page. She consulted her mother, and together, they came up with Galloway’s plan to go back to school to become a chiropractor. With a 28 month old baby girl it was tough but three years of hard work paid off and she graduated Valedictorian of her class. A few weeks later she started looking for a job and happened to walk in to her future husband’s office. They hit it off perfectly and later decided to get married. She stated “Bob is the kindest person.” To date, Galloway has three full grown children, has a wonderful husband and works as a Registered Nurse. To conclude our interview I asked “how would you like to be remembered?” she responded with “a caring women who knows God is in

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