Maximum Ride Angel Experiment Summary

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Student Lexile score: 1160 Title of book: Maximum Ride: Angel experiment Author’s name: James Patterson TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES: 422 Reading response Log#4 Page 318 to page 422 Summary of these pages (4-6 sentences-5 points) (Extra points can be earned for more sentences: 5 for every 5 extra) Max and the gang go to New York to look for the Institute. Max starts to here this voice inside her head. The voice tells her were to go, what to do, and how to do it. When she hears the voice she starts to get a killer headache. Then they get attacked by Easers. Max listens to the voice inside of her head and they find the Institute. Max starts to print the files of her families’ family. Then one of them fined other kids that are being tested on. They free them and the Easers come. Then Jeb’s son, Ari, starts to fight Max. Max kills him and Jeb’s witnesses that and he tells Max that she killed her own brother. Sticky notes (Attach 4-5 sticky notes here. -5points) Connection: I can relate to Angel when she tells Ari to give her back her bear. Because I had some toys taken from me when I was a kid. Question: I don’t understand when Jeb tells Max that Ari is her brother. Inference: I think Jeb is lying to Max. Response (this must be a minimum of 10 sentences…show more content…
Because when I was a kid I had my toys taken from me by other kids. Except I would just sit there and start to cry, then my sister would go over there to the kid that took my toy and smack the kid and make the kid give me back my toy. But Angel started to choke Ari with her mind, which was pretty cool if you think about it. She is like in love with that bear. I had a toy that I loved a lot; it was a doll my great grandmother gave to me. I remember I took it to school to play with. A girl that didn’t like me came and took my doll and I started to cry. Then my sister made the girl give me back my doll. So yeah, I know how Angel
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