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Gerri Landau “Silkwood” Silkwood is a true story about Karen Silkwood, a laboratory worker at the Kerr-McGee Plutonium recycling plant who threw herself into union work in hopes of putting an end to the radiation poisoning of their employees. This is a movie about a whistleblower and the effective involvement of labor unions. Karen has gotten a coworker to cover her shift and learns about the temporary shutting down of the plant due to contamination in their section. A friend of Karen’s becomes contaminated and this is when she decides to be proactive against it. Most of Karen’s coworkers believe she has had some involvement with the contamination. The head of the union states that the company has to blame somebody or else it’s their fault. Karen suffers her own burns and contamination when she accidently is in the wrong place at the wrong time, after she is cleaning up at night. This gives Karen to go and do research on the plutonium poisoning where she sees it can give you cancer, kidney problems and genetic damage. There are gross physical and mental defects. After this incident, Karen is transferred to metalography and then joins forces to strengthen the union at Kerr-McGee. A petition is being signed to certify…show more content…
There is a meeting with management and election has been won by the labor union. Karen is consulted to get the x-rays and she sneaks through files to do so. She is once again contaminated at work and her house is ran-sacked to check for deposits of plutonium. She has realized she accidently spilled her urine sample, which had been spiked. Karen then finds out she is internally contaminated and takes a trip to Los Alamos for a complete body scan with noted doctors. After she learns of this, she is prompted to call a NY Times reporter to further this investigation and expose the findings to the
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