How Does Nick Carraway Improve Himself

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Sam Student Krissy O’Grady English 11B 5 Nov 2013 Improve Yourself Nick The narrator in the book, The Great Gatsby, is named Nick Carraway who can use a little more improvement in his life. He lots to others to add interest into his life and he likes people with money have everything. Nick has a neighbor called Jay Gatsby and he is one of those people that parties all night and has more than enough money to throw these parties. Nick looks up to this man and that is where he needs his first correction. Nick needs to have more self-esteem and to forget about money and power. All of the steps in this program are to help Nick improve himself and it will work if Nick follows them every day. The first step is to forget about Gatsby. Nick…show more content…
Gatsby tells Nick to find Daisy and Nick is hesitant. Nick does it anyway though and Daisy and Gatsby met. Well Daisy is married to an abusive man named Tom. Tom notices Daisy and Gatsby and them start to fight over who gets Daisy. Well near the end Gatsby and Daisy hits the woman Gatsby has affairs with on accident then Tom tells this woman’s husband, George, That Gatsby killed her even though Daisy was the one driving. George shots Gatsby and Daisy and Tom leave. All of this is to show that Nick could have stopped this. He knew Daisy was in an abusive relationship and adding Gatsby into the mix would have made it worse. Nick could have prevented all of this madness and confusion if he just said no to Gatsby’s request. So Nick needs to say, well, to Gatsby more often. Their friendship would have lasted longer if Nick could put in his word and Gatsby did not get everything he wanted. The forth step is for Nick to stay will Jordan. Jordan is a girl Nick met at one of Gatsby’s parties and he falls in love with her. At the end Nick decides to leave the whole setting and leave Jordan behind. This was a mistake because Nick needed someone to love him and Jordan loved him back. That’s exactly what Nick needed, a beautiful girlfriend who cares about him. If Jordan and Nick stayed together, Nick would have left Gatsby not control him

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