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After Life Shawn wakes up in a high school. He does not have any idea about this place. Immediately, he meets Chern, while she is holding a sniper rifle and aims at a student. The schoolgirl is the student council president, Chern names her, Heaven. Chern invites Shawn to join her guild, AL (After Life) to against Heaven. Shawn rejects the invitation and talks to Heaven instead, who informs him that everyone is dead. Shawn asks for proof, and then Heaven impales him. The next day, Shawn wakes up in a room, he meets the core AL members. Those in the afterlife school can still feel pain as they did when they were alive, as well as dying again, awaken later with no injuries. Shawn joins the AL and Chern briefs Shawn about this world, afterlife…show more content…
In the meantime, the other AL member, Amber performs a concert to lure Heaven. Shawn talks with Amber while she takes a break. Amber reveals her history about her dysfunctional family, her pursuit of a music career, and her cause of death. Several teachers subdue the concert, but Amber breaks free and plays her ballad. After the song, she disappears from the afterlife. From the hacking, the AL members learn about the source of Heaven's powers. She makes her weapons herself aided by software. Chern wants to breakage Heaven's grades and reduce her school ranking grade during the exam week. During the operation, Shawn introduces himself to Heaven and gets her real name, Casy. The AL members disrupt the class with a variety of idiotic distractions, which allows Parthiba to switch Casy's exam sheets with fake ones. As a result, Casy is replaced by the vice president Dennis for the council presidency. After few days, Chern conducts a new operation in cafeteria, Casy is surprisingly ignores the commotion and buys a meal ticket. The operation blows Casy's ticket away and it falls to Shawn. While returning back the meal ticket to Casy, Shawn sympathizes about her. Dennis intends to punish the AL members for their constant…show more content…
She had one special wish, which is marriage. Suddenly, an AL member, Patrick declares that he would marry her, regardless of any handicap. Addressing the low random chance of meeting each other, Patrick describes their happy relationship, thus Rohaya's wishes are fulfilled. After she disappears, Patrick joins Shawn's goal of helping others moving on. At the same time, other AL members were attacked by a mysterious creature, which Chern names it as Dark. While Patrick and Dennis compete over the role of Shawn's main helper, a shadow monster, Dark suddenly attacks Dennis, and the other two destroy it. AL member, Rusdi reports the encounter to Chern, and Chern has a meeting with Casy to talk about the Dark. The meeting is cut short when a large shadow group surrounds them. Everyone at the meeting jumps into the battle, and Chern notices a normal student to Dark transformation. After the battle, Patrick reports the loss of Rusdi to Darks, but he is found the next day in class as a soulless student. To address this Darks situation, Chern gathers a large AL members group, and she calls out Shawn to share his ideal about everyone passing on. Various members object, but Patrick and Dennis share his revelation. In a subsequent smaller meeting, Chern enlists Casy's help before she hunts down the source of Dark. While the other AL members consider their decision about passing on, Chern learns about the theft of school computers and finds a hidden pathway from the

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