How Did Francine Decided To Make Twenty-Three Clones

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On September twenty-fourth, 1937, Fred and Feonia Francium had their heaviest kid weighing 223 amus. Her name is Francine Francium. Her parents loved France so much that they named her after it. They live in the seventh bedroom of apartment one in the periodic complex. As she grew older, she became more and more unstable and by the time she was one her parents put her up for adoption. After a year in the Curie Orphanage in Paris, she was adopted by Marguerite Perey on September twenty-fourth, 1939. Marguerite was a scientist that studies clones. When Francine was five, Marguerite decided to make twenty-three clones with each having an individual personality. One of the clones Marguerite named Fr-223, which had a half-life of only twenty-two…show more content…
After Marguerite destroyed all the clones she had made, she started to treat Francine like an only child. Francine could get away with anything like breaking stuff, back talking and other disruptive stuff. Francine was actually a good kid. Some of Francine’s talents include: singing, dancing, drawing, writing creative stories, and she could double dutch. In 1952 on Francine’s tenth birthday, her birth parents, Fred and Feonia came to see her. They told her all about how they could not handle her when she was younger, but they still love her and would be there for her anytime and that they was sorry for not coming to see her sooner. On Tuesday, September twenty-fifth, 1952, the day after her birthday, Marguerite, Francine, Fred, and Feonia all went out to eat then went shopping for the rest of the day. For the remainder of the week Fred, Feonia, Francine, and Marguerite went shopping, watched playes, and went to the park. Then over the weekend there was a terrible accident and Fred and Feonia died. Marguerite could not get Francine to calm down but then after three hours of being upset Francine calmed down. They buried her parents on the Monday of November 1,

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