Edmund Emil Kemper: Most Feared Serial Killer

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Norman Chen Forensics Science P3 Edmund Kemper Case Study Edmund Emil Kemper was one of America’s most feared serial killers. The early 1970’s were known as the age of violence, and with good reason too. Not only was Kemper going around preying on and taking the lives of hitchhikers, but two other murderers, Fraizer and Muller, were claiming victims as well. Altogether, the three claimed a total of 28 victims. Initially in May 1972, female hitchhikers began to disappear. To subdue public panic that was spreading like wildfire, the authorities tried linking these disappearances to Mullin so they could assure the community that the spate of murders was at an end, but in the end, but it soon turned out to be Edmund. As a child, Edmund Emil Kemper did not lead a normal childhood. He was raised by his mother, Clarnell, who was apparently suffering from…show more content…
Kemper’s mother had sent him to live with his grandparents because she was tired of his eccentric behavior. Edmund Kemper, seventeen at the time, decided to shoot his grand mother “just to see how it felt” and eventually shot his grandfather when he returned home. He was sent to a mental asylum later for his actions but proved to his psychologist, through assistant work and studies, that he was deemed normal enough for release including expunging his juvenile records. However, he was still fascinated with killer which began his murder campaign around the age of 24. Edmund worked for the department of transportation in Santa Cruz and began to pick up hitchhikers, bring them to deserted areas, and brutally rape and kill them. He killed a total of six college girls from the area, promptly earning him the title of Co-Ed killer. This all culminated when he decided to kill his mother with a ice pick, beheading her and using her head for oral sex. He later killed his mother’s friend who he had called

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