William Pickon: A Psychological Analysis Of Serial Killers

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William Pickton Psychology: William Pickton had some mental differences for sure. He was accused of killing about 60 women over his life. Most of these women he killed were drug addicts or prostitutes. There was said to be lots of visible blood and dirt in his trailer. One of Pickton’s friends said that he described how he killed the victims and what he did to them. He showed him handcuffs and acted out what would happen if he had a victim there at the time. His friend said that as Pickton was telling the story it was almost as if there was a girl there. Pickton would first have sex with the victims, shortly after that they would be slaughtered and fed to the pigs so the evidence would be vanished. Pickton also had a crack cocaine addiction which may have led his…show more content…
Pickton gave away thousands of dollars which attracted more hangers-on. Serial killers tend to kill with an element of sexual gratification attached to it. This is exactly what Willy did as he raped his victims then killed them. They need the excitement of killing someone like we need water or food. Serial killers normally take breaks or pauses between their killings; this is what Willy tried to do before being convicted. He came from a disturbed family life which started his serial killing mind. Willy was introduced to slaughter at an early age as his farm slaughtered animals. He stated to an undercover cop that his goal was not met with these killings and the only reason he got caught was because he had gotten sloppy. He combined the human flesh and the ground pork and gave it out to his friends and visitors of the farm. He promised his victims drugs, money, and alcohol in exchange for sex. He then accused them of stealing and proceeded to kill them. He brought the remains of his victims to an animal waste rendering facility in Vancouver. This place took these remains and made them into household products and cosmetics. This is very disturbing information as many

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