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Maria Everson Zaborsky Infamous Crime Cases An infamous case that was solved by forensic evidence was the Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy case. He was an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile. He assaulted many women and girls killing between 30-40 people throughout seven different states, which Ted Bundy confessed to. He also cut the head of 12 victims off and kept the head in his house as a memory to always have, he would also kill women and later return to the crime scene to have intercourse with the body until it began to rot or was destructed by wild animals. In 1975 Ted was arrested in Utah but was released due to the little evidence, Two years later was convicted of kidnapping and escaped. Ted Bundy killed three people in Florida and was arrested but his parents bailed him out and he sold his car but police impounded it away from new owner. It was then when forensic evidence finally solved this case by finding three different hairs matching the three victims killed in Ted’s car and matched his teeth marks the a bite mark on one of the victims. He was then was sentenced to three death penalties in 1978 when Ted was recaptured and on January 24, 1989 at Railford prison in Starke, Florida Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair. My opinion on this case was interesting yet disgusting but Ted Bundy was smart about how he attracted his victims. He would act as if he had a broken body bone in front of women until one would finally help him to his car and he would then hit them in the head with a crowbar. By Ted doing this he managed to kill a lot of people and in the spread of seven different states, it was said by an article on Wikipedia that Ted Bundy used five different names. I think this case could have been

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