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This movie stars Morgan Freeman (William R, Somerset) and Brad Pitt (David Mills) as detectives. Mills moves to the department and is partnered with Somerset who is soon to retire. The detectives take on a case of a series of murders. The murders all relate to the seven deadly sins of gluttony, Greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and wrath. The detectives find clues at each scene that relates to the others. They then are lead to believe they are chasing a serial killer. The first scene they find a man who was forced to feed himself to death. They found that the man’s stomach had burst from over eating. They next crime scene they find a rich attorney murdered by bloodletting or draining of his blood. They also find fingerprints at that scene that leads them to an apartment where they find a man who they believe to be is dead. They find out that the man has been kept alive and immobile for one year by the killer. The man was a former drug dealer and child molester. After learning of latest victim being in captivity for a year Mills and Somerset set off to the library to do some research. They find out that a man Named John Doe has checked out books about the seven deadly sins. The detectives and Doe have a shootout and Mills eventually ends up at gun point before Doe just leaves and lets Mills live. The Detectives then search does apartment and find no finger prints. They had arrived too late to find their lust victim. A prostitute was raped by a man forced to wear a bladed unit and rape the woman repeatedly. They then later find a young model who had her face mutilated committed suicide. This is the “pride murder.” The detectives return to the police station and by weird chance/ luck Doe appears and gives himself up to them. They question the ever living crap out of this serial killer and try to find out where the last body is. Doe leads Mills and Somerset to the

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