The BTK Killer

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The BTK Killer Imagine living in a world with no crime. There would be no need for car alarms, home security systems, locking your front door, teaching your children about strangers or a prison. Let’s face it, this not something we will live in. We live in a world where crooks steal our cars to get away from a bank robbery. A world where we fear kissing our kids goodbye could be the last time we see them. Our world consist of a civilization that allows the under belly of society, to prey on helpless victims and sometimes get away with it. Whether a person is a small time purse snatcher or a fearless serial killer, criminals are among us every day. But why do these criminals commit such hateful crimes? What has driven them to prey on…show more content…
However, this was not enough for the newly acclaimed serial killer. He sought out Kathryn Bright on April 14, 1974. This time he stabbed his victim while she was tied up and then strangled her. At first she was not thought of as a BTK victim, until a letter was sent to the Wichita Eagle-Beacon in October of 1974. This is when Dennis Rader took credit for his crimes and taunted authorities with his games and signed the letter BTK (Bind, torture and kill). This was the beginning of a three decade search for a serial killer (Associated Press,…show more content…
Although the question still remains, why did he commit such violent, heartless crimes? According to the rational choice theory, Dennis Rader understood the consequences of what he was doing. He sent letters to the press to taunt them. Although he knew what he was doing, he still feared being caught. Which is why he remained silent for a decade after his voice was played over and over again on the news. Dennis Rader knew that strangling victims and binding them was wrong, he feared police catching him, and Dennis didn’t care if he lost the respect of his church, his scouts or family. Rader also let the sexual pleasure he gained from the crimes control his actions. It was his choice to plan out the murders and follow through with them. This is a perfect example of the rational choice theory (Siegel, 2008 p.84). The trait theory is another good example of the actions of Dennis Rader. I personally feel that a person is as good as the decisions they make. Rader was treated fairly by his parents, and raised in a good home. This does not support the social structure theory at all. Growing up, Dennis had trouble in school, even as a college student. The letters he sent to the authorities were full of grammatical errors. He was found to have some mental issues when he was eventually caught. This supports the trait theory (Siegel, 2008 p. 108). His biological make up is off which caused him to have no control over his sexual

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