Reasons Why Serial Killers Kill People

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Serial Killers Throughout the United States people glorify serial killers out to be celebrities. People give them names and like the green river killer. The green river killers only used the river as a dump site and throughout the forest. Serial killers are very dangerous and disturb people. Most of their mental health issues can be traced back to their childhood. This paper will cover in this paper the mental problems that these people have, most of this comes from an abusive childhood as well. Also this paper will talk about how these people should be taken serious and are very dangerous. The one thing that making these killers famous is forgetting about the victims that were killed. Everyone remembers the killers, only the families remembers the victims. A serial killer is define as Serial Killer is defined as a Person who murders…show more content…
An example of stress could be the combine shooting, those kids that committed that crime were bullied for years and finally they acted out. We should understand that the means for them to commit such a horrible crime was within their reach. However the stress of getting picked on for many years eventually lead to what had aspired on that day. In an article done by Shirley Lynn Scott she asks the question why serial killers do what they do. She points out that serial killers have a wide range of issues that had lead them to killing. A few examples would be that Ted Bundy blamed the reason he killed was over pornography. As for Jeffrey Dahmer he said something was missing inside of him. Whatever the reason they become killers it should be said that they all had something wrong with them. Meaning that serial killers do not know how to feel sympathy for others, or even how to have relationships. Instead, they learn to simulate normal behavior by observing others. It is all a manipulative act towards

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