John Wayne Gacy

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The day, life and look into a serial killer, John Wayne Gacy Abstract There have been many mass murders in more than ten years. Because of this, there has been wide spread attention through movie, real TV and in the criminology scientific world. It’s amazing to see how just a few individuals, can cause so much devastation and have a total and blatant disregard for human life. These serial killers are considered to have behavior that is psychotic and they have no sense of morality when killing or after the fact. Some of the more noted serial killers are Charles Manson, Jeffry Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader (BTK) and the subject of this research paper, John Wayne Gacy who was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty for the killing of 33 teenage boys in the state of Illinois. In this research paper we will explore what defines a serial killer, explain the biologicval, situational and development factors that have contributed to John Wayne Gacy’s behavior including geographical mobility, victimology, and his modeus operandi signature. This research paper will give the reader a look into the life and history of John Waye Gacy; the serial killer. When trying to look into the mind and make up of a serial killer such as Gacy, there first needs to be a history given about the term serial killer along with defining exactly what makes a killer an actual serial killer. According to (Turvey, 2011), the term serial killer developed from an FBI profiler special agent; Robert K. Ressler. Ressler, depicts the offender as individuals who are obsessed with some type of fantasy that he or she has not been able to fulfill, therefore causing him or her to commit their next crime. The act that defines the serial killer is when there are two or more related murders. (Turvey, 2011, pg. 542) Serial killers are a complete headache for

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