Emotions in the Plot of Andre Dubus’Killings

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Emotions in the Plot of Andre Dubus’Killings The details of the killing and the disposal of Richard’s body reveal Matt’s emotions. Matt is feeling devastation and great grief due to the killing of his son by Richard. He was really close to his son because they did things together. His words of pride also show the closeness he had toward his son. “Matt was looking up at him; Frank was six feet tall…taller than Matt, who had been proud when Frank…outgrew him” (106). He was very protective of this son “He had always been a fearful father: when his children were young…he was relieved when he came home…ant they were there…” (107). All of these feelings play a big role in Matt’s actions. Without these emotions, the killing would never have taken place. It was the “impulses, desires, and feelings that a person is unaware of but that influence emotions and behavior” that were the driving force of the killing (1542). His disposal of the body shows premeditation, “They drove…Matt thinking now of the hole he and Willis had dug last Sunday: (109). He used a handkerchief to touch everything, and had a glove for when he touched the gun. He would also shut the car door with his hips. These fearful emotions he used to protect himself were much like the emotions he felt which caused to be overprotective of his son. Fear of something bad caused him to take preventive measures. As he performs these actions, he can’t bare to look at his victim, his son’s killer. He is a very emotional person, and cannot face these emotions. “…Every day in his soul he shot Richard…”(108). He’d always worry about all the little dangers and it is ironic that the actual fatal harm done to his son was the unthinkable huge crime of being shot. The fact that the killer would get out of jail at the exact age he was now is an example of Oedipus complex “There must be

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