The Boondock Saints

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The Boondock Saints The film opens with the twin brothers Connor and Murphy attending a church service in Boston. They work in a meat plant and live in a poor neighborhood. The brothers went to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their friends, when suddenly few Russian mobs enter the bar and start telling everyone to get out and leave. They decide to take over the bar exactly on St. Patrick’s Day. Connor and Murphy and their friend started a fight with the Russians, which ended in beating the Russians. The next morning the two Russian mobs came in to their apartment and try to kill them. The two brothers killed the Russian mobs in self-defense. Because the Mob was involved in the incident, FBI is also involved in the investigation. Special agent Paul Smecker is assigned to the case. He knows that the death of the two mobsters is not a professional hit. As the police start looking for the people who are responsible, the brothers show in the police station to clear their names. The media and the public pronounce them as heroes. They spend the night in the police cell when they got the message from god telling them to kill every bad man. The brothers agreed to get rid of every evil man in Boston togrther with their friend Rocco. Connor learns of a meeting of Russian syndicate bosses at a hotel. The brothers entered the room from the ceiling accidentally hanging on a rope. They managed to kill all the underbosses before they say a prayer and kill the The Fat Man. Then they place coins on the eyes of the dead men. After hunting down Vincenzo Lipazzi who was underboss of Yakavetta family, the two brothers and Rocco went on a killing spree of evil man around the city. Papa Joe contracts the most feared killer to deal with the brothers, Il Duce. After a mission on a mob poker game, they got in a shooting with Il Duce. Rocco gets his finger shot off. Smecker then finds the

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