Comment and Compare Aristotle Moral Virtue to Kant Respect for Persons

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Characters Joss McMillan is a normal 14yr old teenage boy when his sister is murdered by a vampire. This tragic event turns Joss world upside down. While at the funeral of his beloved sister he meets his Uncle Abraham who is a vampire slayer. His uncle talks him into going to a cabin in the woods to train Joss to become a vampire slayer. Cecile McMillian is Joss's 9yr old sister who is murdered by a vampire. Cecile haunts Joss's dreams asking him why he didn't help her when she was being attacked. Her death is the reason why Joss become the world's best vampire slayer. Malek is Joss's first slayer teacher. Malek trains Joss in learning how to track vampires and while Joss is training to stay awake for 3 days he falls asleep. After Joss awakes he follows a blood trail finding Malek's body ripped to shreds by a vampire. Kat is Joss's best friend/girlfriend who he met while he was at the train station she was being hunted down by a vampire. Kat knows more than she lets on she knows that where she is a vampire slayer training camp. Sirus is Kat's father who is the care taker of the vampire camp. We end up learning that Sirus is also the head vampire of the local vampire hive. Plot The first part of the story is Joss desperately trying to find out whom or what has murdered his younger sister Cecile. While at his sisters funeral he meets his uncle who talks him into going with him to a camp to learn how to kill vampires. Joss meets his first trainer Malek he learns a lot from him till the local hive of vampires murders Malek. During this time at the camp several other trainers are murdered by the local hive leaving Joss alone with everyone pointing the finger of blame at him for the murders. The second part of the story is Joss’s fight with the local hive and realizing that his best friends Kat’s father is the leader of the hive. Joss spies on the local hive

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