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Bokk This is a book review of Alex Rider – Stormbreaker by Jamie Lewin. Alex Rider - StormBreaker was written by Anthony Horowitz, Stormbreaker was published in 2006. The main characters of this book are Alex Rider, Mr Sayle, Mr Grin, Mrs Jones, Mr Blunt and Yassen Gregorovich. Alex Rider thinks he is a normal school boy, until his uncle Ian is killed. Alex discovers that Ian’s car is at a junkyard and finds dozens of bullet holes and blood on the seats that proving that his uncle was murdered. Alex's quest for the truth introduces him to Alan Blunt, a spymaster for Britain's MI6 espionage agency. He discovers that his uncle was actually spy on a mission when he was killed. Alex is forced to be recruited by Mr. Blunt to continue the mission, making him the world youngest MI6 spy. He is sent to investigate a new computer system, which Mr. Sayle has created, he plans to give the new computer systems to every school in the country, but Mr. Blunt has other ideas and Alex must find out what it is before they go online in two weeks time. Alex has to take part in a three week intense crash course with SAS commands. Pulled out of his training and thrown into danger zone as he has to battle with life or death situations. Alex has to keep a low profile and still sneak around, he is armed with his own special gadgets to help and guide him to clues. But when Alex soon finds himself in bad trouble, it seems as if his first mission could end badly. Herod Sayles, a multi-millionaire, is giving away thousands of his newest computers, Stormbreaker, to all schools in the country. Ian Rider was investigating the man and those machines when he was killed. If Alex doesn't agree to undertake the mission, Alex will lose everything he will be sent off to an orphan's home and his housekeeper, Jack Star bright, will be deported back to America. Alex destroys Sayle's plans to kill

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