Jon Venables: A New Identity?

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Should Jon Venables be given a new identity? Unbelievable. Crazy. Terrifying. Just some of thoughts the people of Liverpool must of had in 1993 when youngsters, Robert Thomson and Jon Venables abducted toddler James Bulger from a shopping centre in Merseyside and beat him to death on a railway line. After serving eight years for the murder of two year-old, James Bulger, one of his killers, now Jon Venables, was given a new identity to help prevent possible revenge attacks towards him. But now he will be given another new identity after being recalled to prison. The identity will cost the taxpayer £250,000 to ensure he has a national insurance number and passport and £1 million per year for probation officers to pay close supervision on his release. Any taxpayer in the right mind would be up in arms over this. They shouldn’t have to pay taxes to give sick, disgusting murderers new identities to protect them. Where’s the sense in that? Jon Venables and Robert Thomson certainly didn’t protect James Bulger and his family. So they definitely should not be protected at all, especially not at the taxpayer’s expense. They don’t deserve a new life. After his release from prison in 2001,…show more content…
He has a new life. Ok he might be supervised by probation officers, but it’s hardly the same as being locked up in a prison cell for life is it? In a statement released through his solicitor, Venables said he thought about the murder of James ‘every day’ and was ‘extremely remorseful’ for his new crimes. He may think about the poor boy who had his life taken away but that wouldn’t have happened if Venables didn’t do it! He can’t suffer the consequences he deserves to – like life in prison or even better, the death penalty if Britain had it. Why does he get to be let free with a new identity when people who have committed ‘petty’ crimes compared to him like theft are locked up? Doesn’t make any sense at
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