Is Victor In When Walton's Crew Finds Him

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1. To whom is Robert Walton writing in all four of his letters? How are they related to one another? His sister. They all involve a friend and Victor. 2. What country (not in England) is Walton in when he writes letter number 1? Where is he headed after that? Russia. North pole. 3.In letter 2 what seems to be Walton's opinion of the sailors he has been hiring? What reason does he give for feeling unsatisfied in spite of that? Their trust worthy and strong. He has no friend. 4. During the one month gap between letters 3 and 4, what is the “strange accident” that Walton describes has happened? They got stuck in ice and fog. 5. What condition is Victor in when Walton's crew finds him? What reason does Victor give for being there?…show more content…
20. Why does Victor's father send him to the University of Ingolstadt in Germany? How old is Victor then? His father wanted him to be more knowledgefull of other contries instead of his own. He was 17. 21. Describe Professor Krempe's reaction when he first meets Victor and hears which natural philosophy authors Victor has been self-studying. How does Victor feel about Krempe as a result? He mocks him for his interests. He hates him. 22. How does Victor feel about the teachings of his chemistry teacher, Professor Waldman? What does Victor say he will now do as a result of what Waldman says about modern science? He enjoys his chemistry teachers lessons he does encourage him. He dislikes modern science. 23.How much time passes while Victor stays in Ingolstadt and makes no visits home to Geneva? What is he so interested in during that time, and what does he discover about human bodies? 6 weeks. How the human body is built then how it falls apart and decays. 24.What reason does Victor suddenly give to Walton while telling this tale, for not wanting to give Walton too much information too early? Victor feels guilty knowing that the monster killed 2 people he loved because he created…show more content…
The monster killed William. The creature loves the misery of others. 42. Who has been accused of William's murder, and based on what evidence? Justine she doesnt have a alibi 43. What are two reasons Victor and/or Alphonse do not bother to speak up in defense of the accused person? They will think their crazy and they will be punished and lose their titles. 45. What explanation does Justine give Elizabeth and Victor for her false confession when they ask her about it? What is Victor's perspective now about the suffering of Justine and Elizabeth compared to his own? I do not fear to die that pang is past. 46. Describe Victor's emotional and physical state after Justine's execution. How are Elizabeth's personality and her view of society different now from her former ways and beliefs? Victor becomes very depressed and considers suicide. Shes not happy anymore shes very depressed to. 47.Describe the landscape of the valley that Victor travels through in the Alps on his way to the valley of Chamounix. What time of year is it now? How long has it been since Justine's death? It was full of mountains. Snow was on the ground. 2

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